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A life style … A fairy tale, a fascinating discovery … A voyage in midst heaven and ocean… A passion that cannot be resisted once you have learned to know it……

The gulet, originally an all wooden motor sailing yacht is built for cruising the coasts in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Most of the time is spent on deck during the charter. The specious decks have usually a half moon shaped dining and lounging area. The number of passengers a gulet carries varies, according to size, between 8 and 16. On a 17 to 25 m boat, there is quite a breathing space for each person considering that every passenger has private quarters and jointly used decks, saloons, etc.

A gulet can best be compared to a small hotel afloat with double berths and shower and WC (usually) ensuite. The crew have their cabins in a separate area.
The common quarters include a large saloon, a fully equipped galley commanded by the cook onboard, lots of uncluttered deck space, sun mattresses strewn all over to laze on while tanning.
Round sterned gullets have a mattress covered perch in the aft  which is the most comfortable place to lounge or nap on the boat, protected by awnings.

If you have a group of friends or family from 6 up to ca. 18 persons, it will be perfect for a tailormade private charter. The yacht will be exclusively for you. Together you will experience the beautiful waters and landscapes of the turkish coast and greek archipelago. The cook onboard is responsible for the culinary highlights and the crew will do their utmost to make your cruising holiday to an unforgetable beautiful memory.


The perfect destination for a gulet trip

1. Stunning Coastline: Turkey boasts a magnificent coastline along the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. The crystal-clear turquoise waters, hidden coves, and picturesque beaches create an idyllic backdrop for your gulet journey.

2. Diverse Routes: The Turkish coast offers a variety of gulet routes, allowing you to explore different regions, islands, and coastal towns. From the bustling cities to serene bays, there’s something for every traveler’s preference.

3. Historical Sites: Turkey is steeped in history, and a gulet trip offers you the opportunity to visit ancient ruins, historic sites, and archaeological wonders along the coast. Places like Ephesus, Knidos, and Kaunos provide a glimpse into the country’s rich past.

4. Authentic Cuisine: Turkish cuisine is renowned worldwide for its delicious flavors. On a gulet trip, you can savor fresh seafood, traditional mezes, and mouthwatering dishes prepared by onboard chefs.

5. Warm Hospitality: Turkish people are known for their warm hospitality and friendliness. You’ll have the chance to interact with locals, experience their way of life, and perhaps even join in on local celebrations.

6. Sailing Heritage: Gulets are traditional Turkish wooden sailing vessels with a rich maritime history. Experiencing Turkey from the deck of a gulet allows you to connect with the country’s seafaring heritage.

7. Cultural Diversity: Turkey is a crossroads of cultures, bridging Europe and Asia. As you sail along the coast, you’ll encounter diverse influences in architecture, traditions, and lifestyles.


Discover the beautiful coast in style with a comfortable gulet

Croatia is offering a unique combination of stunning landscapes, historic sites, crystal-clear waters and a rich cultural experience.

1. Gorgeous Coastline: Croatia boasts one of the most beautiful coastlines in the Mediterranean, with its clear blue waters, hidden coves, and charming islands.

2. Diverse Islands: Croatia is home to over a thousand islands, each with its own character and attractions ranging from the lively Hvar to the tranquil Vis.

3. Historic Towns: Along the Croatian coast, you’ll find charming historic towns that are rich in culture and history such as Dubrovnik, Split, and Trogir.

4. Island Hopping: A gulet trip in Croatia allows you to easily hop between islands, exploring different landscapes and cultural influences. Each island has its own character, from lush greenery to rocky shores.

5. Adriatic Cuisine: Croatian cuisine is a delightful blend of Mediterranean and local flavors. Onboard your gulet, you can enjoy freshly caught seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and traditional dishes.

6. Vibrant Culture: Croatia has a vibrant cultural scene, with festivals, music, and art events taking place throughout the year. Depending on the timing of your trip, you might have the chance to participate in local festivities.

7. Natural Wonders: From the stunning waterfalls of Krka National Park to the picturesque landscapes of the Kornati Islands, Croatia offers a diverse range of natural attractions to explore.

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